Spirited Events business philosophy is to encourage community spirit within events that help lift the spirit of communities.





~ Post Traumatic Growth



Spirited Events is a consultancy service that helps community groups with event planning and promotion of COMMUNITY WELLBEING EVENTS. RELAX ~ ENJOY ~ UNWIND

Knowledge available:

~ Familiar with Adobe Creative Programs: Photoshop, Premier Pro & Dreamweaver therefore can help with creative artwork, videos and website design and hosting packages.

~ Able to assist with creating tickets and selling tickets via Trybooking who are currently one of the cheapest ways to sell tickets online for businesses and event promotors.

~ As a visionary I am able to help brainstorm creative and innovated ideas.

Communities are rich with the abundance of knowledge and shared passion for increasing and maintaining the emotional, physical, environmental and economical wellbeing of our nation for the benefit of our current and future generations' sustainability. Therefore community group's sustainability increasingly requires innovative approaches to raise increased income they require knowing physical and financial support is limited.

Volunteers are vital for community sustainability. With lifestyles relying heavily on the income of both parents working to support their personal needs time commitment to participate and offer hands on reliable volunteering for most is hard to sustain.

NEWS: Pleased to announce
We are proud to have assisted 'Picking Up The Peaces' an Australian based organisation, who are working closely with partners world-wide, to help recognised and break down the STIGMA of Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder/Injury). Ccorporate workshops for emergency service peer support commenced August 2014 in Victoria.

Picking up The Peaces is a community organisation based in Canberra who are passionate about developing and delivering an educational progam that they believe is critical in breaking down the stigma of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and helping people identify the early warning signs!

The PTSD Education and Literacy program is aimed to educate members from high-risk organisations, such as our Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service, or any organisation that is at risk of its employees being exposed to potentially traumatic experiences.

The PTSD Education and Literacy program is currently being delivered to emergency service personnel nationally.
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